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Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction. We combine our in-depth experience with the most appropriate technologies to deliver the best possible product - on time and at the right price.


Transferring files to CDL Printng

We support only FTP file uploads. We have found this to be the fastest and most reliable method.


Quick steps to uploading your job files to CDL:

  1. If you have multiple files, please place them all in a single folder.
  2. Use "ZIP" compatible compression software to compress the folder and it's contents.
  3. Upload the compressed (ZIP) file to us using the FTP settings at left.
  4. Immediately send an e-mail to telling us what you have uploaded to us, your contact information and anything else you think we may need.

We will e-mail you a confirmation that we received your files successfully.




File Transfers to CDL

The following information is for experienced users of FTP software. These settings will take you to a dedicated file upload directory within our site.

FTP Address:
User ID: u35875685upload
Please call us
for your password.

If you're not yet an experienced user, we've provided some example setup screens, using the above settings, for popular FTP software packages:

Above: FTP Voyager - version 10 - PC Platform
Above: Wise-FTP - version 3 - PC Platform
Above: Cute-FTP - version 6 - PC Platform
This software is also available for the Macintosh